Our Collection

Mishka means ‘Gift of Love’

 Our collection is a unique blend of traditional touch and modern elements 

we create exquisite jewelLery


A blend of tradition and modernity
This collection perfectly encompasses the subtle elements of traditional as well modern which today,
every woman is.


Masae means ‘elegant’.
Our collection includes carefully created jewellery for daily wear. Chic, modern and elegant.
It’s got all.

Exquisite Jewellery

Take a peek inside our Wonderworld

Too often Parents give up their dreams for their children’s ambitions and goals. At Mishka, A beautiful ode by a daughter to her mother, to fulfill her dreams. The beautiful sync of their chemistry results into their beautiful jewellery.

Panktee Trivedi




All our pieces of jewellery are carefully crafted for you. We know how much you love wearing them
often and for a long time. The elements are high quality metal alloys and beads.

Elegant, Stylish and
extremely light-weight.

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